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Zsolt Nagy & László Marosi: Learning Music from the Best

Every Wednesday, Simeon Morrow interviews musicians, artists, academics and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Paradoxically, Franz Liszt was, at once, very Hungarian and not Hungarian at all. His parents worked for the Esterházy family estate on the outskirts of Vienna, where he only knew to speak German and, as he prepared to move to Paris, learned French. As one of the first international “concert pianists,” Liszt passionately fundraised for Hungarians in need and would be knighted in Budapest as a Hungarian hero. He later financed and taught at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, but, despite his efforts, was unable to learn the Hungarian language. Such cosmopolitanism is the heritage of Hungary’s premier music school and surely, Liszt would be proud of the international careers of two of its alumni: Zsolt Nagy, who was appointed Professor of Orchestral Conducting at the same Paris Conservatoire that Liszt was rejected admission to, and László Marosi, who teaches conducting students at the University of Central Florida. Come welcome Zsolt and László to our show!

You can watch the show here: Facebook Live

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