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Resonances of a Concert

While visiting Orlando-Florida, I had the opportunity to attend a concert of contemporary music with the Alterity Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of maestro Laszlo Marosi.

The concert took place in a very special place The Abbey – South Eola Drive #100, Orlando Florida, on April 18 at 7:30 pm.

I say special place because everything was tuned in a flow of new music, contemporary music, current music and whit one of the composers present at the concert.

A performance of this kind-of a high level in all expected views- is primordial to mention the value of this concert to the culture. In its wide range of incidence-what this means.

The Alterity Chamber Orchestra ( is a new chamber ensemble in Orlando. Its mission is to build a more reflexive, diverse and open society throughout contemporary classical music. is the first ensemble with residency in Timucua Arts Foundation.

In this opportunity and with the direction of maestro Laszlo Marosi, the program included the following works:

-Arlene Sierra “Ballistae”

-Julia Seeholzer “I take these pills”

-Brian Ciach “The Einstein Slide”

-Kate Moore “The Art of Levitation”

-Ted Hearne “Cordavi and Fig” -David Lang “Increase”

With each of the works, one could identify the style, objective and identity of the composers. Each one reached the audience with a deserved success.

From the very first work, each composer expresses his or her language. In new music the value is in each speech. There is so much repertory that precedes us, therefore, a composer always has to say something new, something surprising and outstanding, something that makes the work more than new, the music that no one has done before.

It is important to mention that I did not only attended the concert, but also the rehearsals where the work took place, and note by note the music was created.

Maestro Marosi and the Alterity Chamber Ensemble rehearsed brilliantly, with the goal of offering the best of each piece of music.

It was an intense work interrupted only for a short break. It is important to mention that this music was new for everyone, and the kind of repertory was challenging. Saying the new for the first time is an incomparable pleasure.

It is a great opportunity to say that Alterity Chamber Orchestra had the opportunity to work with the wise baton of Laszlo Marosi, with a brilliant trajectory, great talent, experience and international presence. His vision of the whole work, and of each small part of it makes that each of the players felt confident and supported in the sound production that comes from the scores.

For maestro Marosi, to have each member of The Alterity Chamber Orchestra, is a real enjoyment very much appreciated. Each musician with his or her own experience and giving the best they can offer. The ensemble has performed with excellence, and provided an excellent showcase of each work.

The language of art is magic, just with a few musical codes and symbols that make music move on vibrations and everything changes, it transforms and flies, it becomes music.

Going back to the performance, The Abbey was filled with people that wanted to listen and share this musical event. The audience enjoyed the concert and asked for an Encore of one of the pieces.

In the specific case of the work by Brian Ciach “The Einstein Slide,” the young composer was present at the concert. Maestro Marosi asked him to join him on stage, so that he could say a few words about his piece.

For the audience it is very important to share the musical event with the composer present. This event profoundly promotes contemporary music.

As far as the goal of The Alterity Chamber Orchestra is concerned, its mission is happily fulfilled in each concert and again put into motion and thinking about the next one. That's right, Music does not stop, it flows in the evolution of time.

The diffusion of contemporary music, of new music in time and form, directly affects each creator, who has the opportunity that "His Music" is known, and that the musical event passes from the writing code to the sound itself, is more How happy, is the completeness of the cycle of the work of art.

For the interpreters who are the dynamic part of the work itself, it is an enriching fact that directly affects the construction of the musical landscape of the music of our time.

Very important is the mission that these presentations meet in the audience. The joint vibration of new music expands the panorama that the language of art constantly proposes to us.

What an opportunity of inspiration that a concert of these characteristics can directly influence young people, who as a result of being part of this new music, are attracted by the composition and decide to begin their study and not less possible the study of an instrument or of the direction of the orchestra.

Everything contributes, art manifests itself.

Well deserved congratulations,

-To the founders of The Alterity Chamber Orchestra, in the names of:






-All the musicians that make up The Alterity Chamber Orchestra

Caitlin Pequignot and Andreas Volmer, Violins - Mauricio Céspedes, Viola - Hanrich Claassen, Violoncello -

Elliot May, Double Bass - Matt Tavera, Horn - Benoit Glazer, Trumpet - Luis Fred, Trombone/ Bass trombone -

William Daniels, Piano - Tiffany Connell, Synthesizer - Thad Anderson and David Mitchel, Percussion -

Carrie Wiesinger, Flute / Piccolo - Beatriz Ramirez- Belt, Oboe/English Horn - Natalie Grata, Clarinet/E Flat Clarinet -

Molly Wyrick-Flax, Bass-Clarinet and Christian Eberle Bassoon.

-To each of the composers that their challenge has been fulfilled and put into music

-Arlene Sierra, Julia Seeholzer, Brian Ciach, Kate Moore; Ted Hearne and David Lang.

-And the special and Bravo congratulations! to the brilliant conduction of Maestro Laszlo Marosi, leading the aforementioned orchestra.

My wishes for success for all!

Orlando, April 23 rd 2019

Professor Eva Lopszyc

Composer - Orchestral Conductor-

Vice President of the Argentine Women Forum of Composers

Superior Conservatory of Music "Manuel de Falla"

General Direction of Artistic Education- DGEART.

Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires-MCGCBA


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